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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cabaret for cancer...

Sorry for the lack of blogs lovely people but I have been on holiday....well I say holiday it was actually like getting on a plane and going to Essex (I am from Essex so am allowed to say this), whilst in Costa del Essex (Spain) I saw no Spanish people and all my food came with was not the cultural delight I was hoping for but I enjoyed the red wine ALOT.

Right...back to business.

Those of you who know me as the girl from Hummingbird Vintage know I am putting on an event this  weekend to raise money for two fab cancer charities...MacMillan and Coppa Feel.

It started off as a vintage fair but has turned into an amazing night of burlesque...I for one can't wait!!

Through organising this I have been put in touch with some truly fab people and it was surprising how many of them had been touched by cancer.

So I started thinking....wouldn't it be lovely to organise burlesque nights for charity on a regular basis or even a Victory Vixens burlesque troupe to help raise money for the site so we can help more girlies/ladies/women win the battle over cancer.

I imagine we would be much like the Pussycat Dolls but with less of a tan and more sequins.

...a tanned American version of us...maybe!!

I really want to something a bit different to get this charity noticed and, lets be honest, who wouldn't want to sip cocktails whilst being entertained by some of the most gorgeous girls in burlesque!!

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