The Original Victory Vixens...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Burlesque and Boobs...

For those of you who haven't heard the Vintage Swish on Sunday (all for Charity darling) was a HUGE success...we raised a shed load of money and had a fabulous time.

We have been featured in lots of press because of it....disappointingly I look very hot and sweaty which is clearly not the look I was aiming for but never mind.

The most popular part of the event (apart from the cake which was AMAZING) was the burlesque.

The girls were simply fabulous and loved the fact it was all in the aid of charity....what lovely girls indeed.

After chatting with them after I was overjoyed that they would be willing to do it all over again to raise more money and I was also very jealous over the fact they are all stunning, dressed in amazing costumes and can walk in high heels (something I have never mastered).

So...let me introduce the fabulous Victory Vixens...

Bettie Wishes

Daisy Champagne

Ava Iscariot

Sophia StVillier

Luna DeLovely (modelling Victory Vixens lingerie)

Sadly I can't find a picture of our FABULOUS compere Miss Lainy Tuesday but let me just say that the sight of her in her outfit made me want to rush out and get bigger boobs and a stack of corsets immediately.

So....if anyone is looking for a fabulous burlesque act and do their bit for charity all at the same time then let us know xx

Friday, 6 May 2011


...and lets be honest who doesn't...??

Sadly I was at the end of the queue when God was handing out boobs so am not blessed with much but I love what I have got and with a help of a padded bra they can look very respectable indeed.

So as you can imagine it makes me sad when bad things happen to boobs especially young boobs who haven't had a chance to get out in the world and experience all the stares from men, the groping, the joy of jogging when you have forgotten to put on a sports bra etc.

A charity that feels the same as me is the fabulous Coppa Feel.

The story behind it is that the lovely Kris was diagnosed at the age of 23 with breast cancer. She had been to the doctors with concerns about a pain in her breast but was assured it was hormonal (even though her Grandmother had breast cancer at 30) and sent on her way to go travelling as she had planned. When she returned she went straight back to the doctor with the same problem only to be sent away AGAIN and it was only after her Mother (who clearly rocks) demanded that she be referred that she got the examination she needed and was diagnosed.

So as well as fighting cancer she is also on a crusade to raise awareness of breast cancer in young women...Kris we salute you.

So people...if you do notice anything amiss please get down to the doctors pronto as whether they are big or small we should all love our boobs!!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cabaret for cancer...

Sorry for the lack of blogs lovely people but I have been on holiday....well I say holiday it was actually like getting on a plane and going to Essex (I am from Essex so am allowed to say this), whilst in Costa del Essex (Spain) I saw no Spanish people and all my food came with was not the cultural delight I was hoping for but I enjoyed the red wine ALOT.

Right...back to business.

Those of you who know me as the girl from Hummingbird Vintage know I am putting on an event this  weekend to raise money for two fab cancer charities...MacMillan and Coppa Feel.

It started off as a vintage fair but has turned into an amazing night of burlesque...I for one can't wait!!

Through organising this I have been put in touch with some truly fab people and it was surprising how many of them had been touched by cancer.

So I started thinking....wouldn't it be lovely to organise burlesque nights for charity on a regular basis or even a Victory Vixens burlesque troupe to help raise money for the site so we can help more girlies/ladies/women win the battle over cancer.

I imagine we would be much like the Pussycat Dolls but with less of a tan and more sequins.

...a tanned American version of us...maybe!!

I really want to something a bit different to get this charity noticed and, lets be honest, who wouldn't want to sip cocktails whilst being entertained by some of the most gorgeous girls in burlesque!!

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Looking forward...

Tomorrow I am off to see Mother Dearest....she has had a tough time of it recently and has been in and out of hospital due to infections and chemo.

I have planned a day of treats including a lovely lunch with fizz, some pampering time and then a dinner out by the sea.

One of the things I have found that helps her most through her low times is things to look forward to so I have started planning little things for us to do until this treatment business is over in order to keep her spirits up.

So over the next couple of months we are doing the following

When we can't go out black and white films are in order...accompanied by...


Fancy cream tea in posh hotels always lift the spirits (especially when you add a glass of fizz)

And a bit of pampering never goes amiss

Although these seem like very small things they can make a HUGE being sick is totally rubbish and therefore every little helps!!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bringing Sexy Back....

So exercise is meant to be the best medicine...yes....well the thought of cycling to hardcore house music whilst an instructor shouts at me in a Hitler like fashion does not make me feel great. Infact it makes me want to climb back in to bed with a tub of Ben and Jerry's and watch Sex and the City.

However whilst going through treatment for cancer exercise is encouraged in order to relieve stress, up the energy levels and help with the pesky weight gain that can happen through chemo.

So...the next question is how to make exercise fun and something that you want to do rather than have to do...well...I think we have found the answer....!!

Let me start at the the start of the year I found that my curves were getting slightly out of control (I blame red wine and chocolate) and so I started looking for a fun way to get them back in control.

A few days into my search I stumbled across some fantastic dance classes run by a guy who looks like Justin Timberlake (I kid you not). So off I went in my old tracksuit bottoms and vest and had the time of my life..!!

The teacher (let's call him Justin) has a fantastic way of making you work-out, feel sexy and have the best time all at once...he is a total genius.!!

After I explained my quest to help girlies going through cancer feel and look as good as possible he got on board with it straight are now looking at running some fab dance classes for all you ladies going through treatment. It will be specifically for you guys so wigs on or off it is up to one will stare (infact there will be too busy trying to learn the dance moves to notice anything) and by the time you come out you will feel fantastic.

If you are interested in the classes (or know someone who is) please email for more info.....the classes are totally fab although I have been known to break out the dance moves in a bar after one too many wines which isn't so fab!!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Getting Wiggy With It.....

Today marks the day that Mother aka Nina Ballerina has only one more chemo session until she is done....totally amazing.

Although we still have some radiotherapy fun to get through the end is in sight.

One of the things worrying her most, strangely,  is what will happen to her wigs when she no longer needs them....clearly she has become very attached.

Being the true Essex Wife that she is Nina went full out when it came to wigs. When I go back down to the home land I never know who will open the door as the selection includes...

Barbara Streisand

Jane Fonda

Terri Hatcher
...the wigs are absolutely fab and she even gets asked who her hairdresser is as her hair looks so good (this boosts her confidence no end).

After having a chat to my wonderful cancer crew I have found a wealth of fabulous wigs sitting around doing nothing...what a waste, and as I am not one who likes to waste anything I have persuaded some lovely hairdressers to take the wigs, wash them and style them. So now Victory Vixens has a wig amnesty situation going have a wig you don't need then hand it over need a wig for free but don't want the NHS versions then we have one to suit you...!!

As always please pass this one so we can get the word out about this new fab website and get support from as many people as possible.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Photoshoot Adventure....

Yesterday was the first official photoshoot for the Hummingbird Boudoir/Victory Vixens lingerie exciting!!

I put the call out for some photoshoot assistance about two weeks ago and some amazing people came to my rescue....firstly the lovely Luna De-Lovely offered to model for me (Luna is a fab Burlesque performer who is a dead ringer for Paloma Faith), then the fab Tigz Rice offered to take the pictures (Tigz is an amazing burlesque photographer) and then to top it all off Kelly aka Miss Honey Bare brought her skills as a make-up and hair stylist to the party....totally great girls!!

The day started off badly when I hopped on the tube to fine it absolutely packed with screaming kids going to see the dinosaurs/Madam Tussaud's/Tower of London etc.....the little 'angels' kept getting various body parts/items of clothing caught in the doors leading to a delay of about thirty minutes.

By the time I got off the tube I was furious especially when I found out I had to wait another thirty minutes for a train....I did however spend the time wisely by purchasing some wine in order to help the photoshoot along. .!!

I finally got to St Mary Cray (random name I know) at about 12pm...VERY LATE....and I then had to try and find my way to the studio. Now I have lived in London for just over 18 months and I still can't find my way around my local area so trying to find my way to the studio was a nightmare. I eventually admitted defeat and asked a friendly looking man for directions.....he was in the middle of explaining when his WAG like wife pulled up in her soft top car and demanded to know what I was doing talking to her husband....trying to look as innocent as possible I explained that I was merely asking for directions and not trying to flirt with him (husband was balding and slightly over weight) in anyway. She obviously did not believe me so demanded that I get in the car so she could give me a lift in an effort to get me away from her hubby. After alot of protesting I finally got into the car where we sat in stony silence until she finally asked...."Well what are you even doing here anyway?" and I explained that I created lingerie for women going through cancer and today was our photoshoot whilst the voice in my head was shouting "I HOPE YOU FEEL REALLY BAD NOW LADY"....childish I know.

So after a few more minutes of silence we arrived at the studio and this is where the day starts getting better. Luna looked amazing in the lingerie (to be honest she would look good in a sack), the make-up and hair were fabulous (I am now a convert to heated rollers after a tutorial) and just wait until you see the photos...!!

Totally fab day top off by a lovely meal with the boy...which led to drinks after and dancing to a band....which led to being taught martial arts in the street by a man we met at the bar...which led to Burger King....all of which has led to a very sore head and my body hating me for filling it with rubbish...!!