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Monday, 18 April 2011

Getting Wiggy With It.....

Today marks the day that Mother aka Nina Ballerina has only one more chemo session until she is done....totally amazing.

Although we still have some radiotherapy fun to get through the end is in sight.

One of the things worrying her most, strangely,  is what will happen to her wigs when she no longer needs them....clearly she has become very attached.

Being the true Essex Wife that she is Nina went full out when it came to wigs. When I go back down to the home land I never know who will open the door as the selection includes...

Barbara Streisand

Jane Fonda

Terri Hatcher
...the wigs are absolutely fab and she even gets asked who her hairdresser is as her hair looks so good (this boosts her confidence no end).

After having a chat to my wonderful cancer crew I have found a wealth of fabulous wigs sitting around doing nothing...what a waste, and as I am not one who likes to waste anything I have persuaded some lovely hairdressers to take the wigs, wash them and style them. So now Victory Vixens has a wig amnesty situation going have a wig you don't need then hand it over need a wig for free but don't want the NHS versions then we have one to suit you...!!

As always please pass this one so we can get the word out about this new fab website and get support from as many people as possible.

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