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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bringing Sexy Back....

So exercise is meant to be the best medicine...yes....well the thought of cycling to hardcore house music whilst an instructor shouts at me in a Hitler like fashion does not make me feel great. Infact it makes me want to climb back in to bed with a tub of Ben and Jerry's and watch Sex and the City.

However whilst going through treatment for cancer exercise is encouraged in order to relieve stress, up the energy levels and help with the pesky weight gain that can happen through chemo.

So...the next question is how to make exercise fun and something that you want to do rather than have to do...well...I think we have found the answer....!!

Let me start at the the start of the year I found that my curves were getting slightly out of control (I blame red wine and chocolate) and so I started looking for a fun way to get them back in control.

A few days into my search I stumbled across some fantastic dance classes run by a guy who looks like Justin Timberlake (I kid you not). So off I went in my old tracksuit bottoms and vest and had the time of my life..!!

The teacher (let's call him Justin) has a fantastic way of making you work-out, feel sexy and have the best time all at once...he is a total genius.!!

After I explained my quest to help girlies going through cancer feel and look as good as possible he got on board with it straight are now looking at running some fab dance classes for all you ladies going through treatment. It will be specifically for you guys so wigs on or off it is up to one will stare (infact there will be too busy trying to learn the dance moves to notice anything) and by the time you come out you will feel fantastic.

If you are interested in the classes (or know someone who is) please email for more info.....the classes are totally fab although I have been known to break out the dance moves in a bar after one too many wines which isn't so fab!!

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