The Original Victory Vixens...

Monday, 4 April 2011

Victory Vixens...

Welcome to Victory Vixens…but before I tell you what we are all about let me introduce you to the original Victory Vixens aka Nina and Judy.

Nina and Judy have both been through or are currently going through cancer. However, they are going about it in a totally fabulous way.
Imagine turning up to chemo wearing a n amazing outfit, full make-up and high heels and you will get the picture…both are totally fabulous.

They are big believers that when you look good and are kind to your body you will feel better and be able to cope with what life has to throw at you in a more positive way.

We couldn’t agree more!!

What they have found though is that there is not a resource for women going through cancer treatment that has all the answers to the questions and queries that arise…such as how to stop your nails splitting, where to buy the best (and most affordable wigs), what you should be eating, how to banish dry ‘chemo’ skin, how to apply false eyelashes, where to buy special undies, what to expect your sex life to be like, where to find local supports group and about a million other things women should be able to find out easily.

This is where we come in…Victory Vixens is a ‘one stop shop’ for all cancer needs and wants.

We have partnered up with doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, fashion stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists in order to allow women of all ages to look good and feel great whilst winning the war over cancer.

What we need from you…

We are now looking for endorsement to make this great project even better.

This is going to be a nationwide online resource including workshops, seminars, fashion and social events so it is a great cause that encompasses all forms of cancer.

With cancer in women on the rise there has never been a better time to get involved and help us make more women into Victory Vixens.

If you are interested in helping us on our quest please email

Lots of Love

The Victory Vixens x

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