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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Looking forward...

Tomorrow I am off to see Mother Dearest....she has had a tough time of it recently and has been in and out of hospital due to infections and chemo.

I have planned a day of treats including a lovely lunch with fizz, some pampering time and then a dinner out by the sea.

One of the things I have found that helps her most through her low times is things to look forward to so I have started planning little things for us to do until this treatment business is over in order to keep her spirits up.

So over the next couple of months we are doing the following

When we can't go out black and white films are in order...accompanied by...


Fancy cream tea in posh hotels always lift the spirits (especially when you add a glass of fizz)

And a bit of pampering never goes amiss

Although these seem like very small things they can make a HUGE being sick is totally rubbish and therefore every little helps!!

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